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Enjoying School Activities Outside the Classroom

Everyone knows the importance of a school in a child’s life. From preschool to secondary education, every moment of our learning is related to school. The activities we enjoy, the things we learn, and the new skills we learn are gained from the school.

However, are school activities limited to schools only? The answer to this question is No. One can carry out school activities outside the classroom as well. It is also important for a person to enjoy school activities outside the classroom. This statement stands true in the case of toddlers.

Toddlers are more excited to learn new activities either during the classroom or outside the classroom. Now, let’s see why enjoying school activities outside the classroom is important for a toddler and what are the activities that a toddler should enjoy outside the classroom.

Why Enjoying School Activities Outside the classroom a must for a Toddler?

Learning outside the classroom is important for a toddler. The age of toddlers is the learning and exploring age which makes it important for them to explore different activities. When a school activity is carried out only in school it can make them skill to a limited extent but when it is again carried out outside the classroom, a toddler learns the skill and gets a good hold on it.

After school, a toddler may feel bored during the day. The best way to solve this problem is to carry out school activities. This will make them revise the things and entertainment also comes with it. It can develop the toddler’s mind and keep him/her physically and mentally fit.

3 Activities that can be carried outside the Classroom

  1. Crazy Train Game

A crazy train game is a toddler’s game that is played with a group of friends. Usually, toddlers play this game during school hours. But, when this activity or game is played outside the classroom, the mental and physical health of the child can be easily maintained. A parent can ask the friends of their child to play this game.

  1. Sentence Race

Sentence Race is an activity where a student is asked to pick up words from a box having numerous vocabulary words. Usually, it is carried out in the classroom between students and teachers. But, a parent can carry out this activity outside the classroom.

This activity will help the child to learn vocabulary words and to make sentences from them. However, this game is not meant for toddlers, but it can be best for a child of 7-8 years.

  1. Mime

Mime is an activity where a person enacts the things that are written on a piece of paper. A small chit of papers having actions written on them is added to a big bag. It can be either running or singing or any activity.

A kid will pick a chit from the bag and will enact the actions mentioned on it. This activity will help the child to become active and skilled in many other activities. Mental development with this activity is more.


Learning outside the classroom is equally important as learning in the classroom. The activities which are done in the classroom should also be carried outside the classroom.

It is not only important for toddlers but the children of 9-10 years also need to do these activities outside the classroom. Enjoying school activities outside the classroom is fun to do.

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