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Preschool in Mumbai

Mindseed-Pre-school and daycare
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At Pre-School, we strive to honor each child by nurturing each individual’s innate sense of wonder and curiosity.


Welcome to Mindseed

Mindseed Preschool and Daycare is known for its innovative and interactive early education programmes that help every child learn at their own pace. Our daycare in Mumbai engages little ones with a structured and personalised program to ensure productive time usage that nurtures essential skills early.

About-us Mindseed- Daycare and Pre-school

We believe in technology integration and offer the revolutionary Mindseed Daycare App, which lets parents know everything about their children on the go. Through this app, we ensure that snapshots and videos show highlights of the child’s day, including all the activities they have done, when they’ve been put to bed, and even videos that show you what and how much they’re eating are sent to the parents.

From fresh and nutritious food to personalised learning programs designed exclusively for your child, the team at Mindseed is committed to providing expert care for your child in a safe and hygienic environment.

Our playschools in Mumbai offer a safe, secure and caring environment that engages and celebrates children and makes parents worry-free through a best-in-class childcare team.

Ensuring that we are there for the child while he takes his first steps toward formal schooling, we are one of the most trusted playschools in Mumbai, making the transition as smooth as possible. Our focus at this age is on emotional and social development. A child becomes a lifelong learner by acquiring skills, not just listening to teachers. Children are exposed to activities that help them eat independently, make friends and follow the routine. They naturally enhance their language skills through songs, rhymes, and alphabets. Playtime activities in the playschool help young ones to develop their fine and gross motor skills. A variety of exciting preschool activities are conducted for the healthy development of students.

Being one of the finest Preschools in Mumbai, we ensure our students develop mastery in crucial skills such as reading, logic, concentration, and perseverance in the foundation years.

Why Mindseed?

Redefining early child care education

Preschool is dedicated to providing a learning environment that allows children to develop at their own speed.


Skill Based Curriculum

A child becomes a lifelong learner by acquiring skills, not just by listening to teachers. Mindseed is one of the finest Preschools in Mumbai where we ensure our students develop mastery in crucial skills such as reading, logic, concentration, and perseverance in the foundation years, 2-6 years of age

Child Centric Classroom

Instead of organising the classrooms according to grades or age, Mindseed is one of the best play schools in Mumbai, where they are organised into different skill stations, as per skill-based curriculum, to provide an immersive learning environment for each and every child.

Mindseed-Pre-school and daycare

Personalised Learning

No two kids are the same, then why should they learn the same thing, same way and at the same pace? Mindseed is one of the top preschools in Mumbai where kids learn at their own pace and move ahead once they learn rather than at the pace of the teacher.

Mindseed App

Mindseed is one of the finest play schools in Mumbai where learning is not confined to teachers or school, but continues at home as well. Our App helps parents to observe the progress of their child, to collaborate with teachers and to engage kids at home in activities.

Centres in Mumbai

Ground floor-02, Maplawadi CHS, Sitaram Keer Marg, Mahim, Mumbai – 400016
Ground Floor, Parekh Building,Tamil Sangam Lane, Sion(E),Mumbai – 400022
209/B Madhyam Kunj,Opp Apna Bazar,J.N.Road,Mulund West -400080
Row House No 9, Hariomnagar, Damoji Patil Wadi, Mulund(E), Thane – 400 081

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