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Mindseed, as one of the premier kindergarten schools in India, recognises that each child has unique strengths and personalities, which is why we do our best to foster those traits rather than ask them to fit in. Our curriculum is tailored specifically to the needs of every child, so they are confident, peaceful, and happy throughout their time spent with us at Mindseed – which makes it possible for us to be one of the top preschools in Kharghar Sector – 35!

Mindseed builds your children with their –

Skill-Based Curriculum: Mindseed, the finest daycare in Kharghar Sector – 35, teaches practical skills to children such as reading, logic, concentration, and perseverance during the crucial years of their childhood.

Child-Centric Classrooms: Mindseed, one of the best preschools in Kharghar, has organised its classrooms as per a skill-based curriculum and not grade-wise to provide an immersive learning environment for every child.

Personalised Learning: Mindseed, a suitable daycare in Kharghar, provides personalised learning for kids to enable them to learn at their own pace instead of the teacher’s pace.

Mindseed App: For Mindseed, a good preschool in Kharghar Sector – 35, learning continues at home, as well. Our app can help parents track their child’s progress, communicate and cooperate with teachers, and engage kids at home in activities.

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8am to 8pm (Mon to Fri)
8am to 3pm (sat)

Shop No 1 & 2, Stuti Residency, next to IDBI Bank, Sector 35I, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410210, India

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Meet Our Principal

Hi! I’am Dishanka, the Principal of Mindseed Kharghar 35. My journey in the education industry spans a decade, during which I’ve grown from being a dedicated teacher to a school entrepreneur. This transformation has been an incredible learning experience, and it has brought me to Mindseed, the finest preschool chain in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. I’m passionate about nurturing young minds and believe in the power of quality education to shape the future. Join me as I share my insights, experiences, and the exciting world of education at Mindseed Kharghar 35.

Dishanka Solankurkar

Principal, Kharghar 35

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Hear From Other Parents

Shefali TripathiShefali Tripathi
06:42 20 Jan 24
We’re glad to be a part of such a fabulous institution where learning is a real fun for children.As a parent of a toddler I’m happy and satisfied with my child’s growth and development after being a part of Mindseed Kharghar35.Such a dedicated, loving and caring staff who never give up on a single child rather they deal so patiently which doesn’t only help them to learn but also helps them to be confident and clear in their priorities.Not only the staff but also the helping staff are amazing.It takes a lot of energy and patience to deal with the little ones and you guys are wonderful in it.Thank you for being amazing.
Sam PatelSam Patel
06:09 07 Dec 23
My child is studying in K2 and has developed strong literacy and numeracy skills since he has joined Mindseed preschool.The quality of teaching methods and a nurturing environment is helping my child in overall development.
meenakshi Sharmameenakshi Sharma
09:21 29 Aug 23
Mindseed Preschool has been an incredible experience for my child. The caring staff and engaging curriculum have fostered a love for learning in my little one. I'm impressed with the supportive environment and the noticeable growth I've seen in my child's social and cognitive skills. I highly recommend Mindseed to any parent seeking a nurturing and educational preschool.
Atiqua KhanAtiqua Khan
19:03 19 Mar 23
Thank you for organizing such a great event and also for inviting us to be a part of this event. Your event has added to a great memorable moment in our lives.There is a great takeaway from this evening and this has been all possible because of Mindseed preschool Staff Members Kudos to the kids who made this a huge success. 🥰😍 #MindseedAnnualDay
Sangeeta FrancisSangeeta Francis
08:27 14 Dec 22
Learning is fun at Mindseed. Dedicated teachers and staff. Well organised activities. Seeing a lot of positive improvement and development in my child.Duly recommended for a wholesome experience.

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