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Welcome to Mindseed Aundh, a preschool nestled within the cosy confines of a charming bungalow in the vibrant neighbourhood of DP Road Aundh, Pune. Surrounded by lush greenery and steeped in cultural heritage, the school offers the perfect backdrop for nurturing young minds to flourish.

At Mindseed Preschool, the primary focus is on celebrating the unique talents and skills of every child. Keeping this in mind, the school has developed a personalised curriculum that allows children to engage in creative activities and identify and nurture their true abilities. Each child at Mindseed has the freedom to embrace learning at their own pace. While we recognise the importance of early childhood learning for children, our school equally prioritises their playing needs and encourages them to explore and learn in collaboration with others. Mindseed Preschool’s approach is centred around the holistic development of children, blending academic learning with essential life skills. This balance ensures that while children excel in cognitive tasks, they also grow socially and emotionally, fostering a community of confident, curious learners ready to explore the world around them.

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8am to 8pm (Mon to Fri)
8am to 3pm (sat)

Visawa Enclave Society, DP Rd, Opp. Shiv Sagar, Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra 411007

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2-3 years


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6 months - 10 years

Meet Our Principal

Mindseed - Pre-school and daycare Principal

I’m Angai, and for the past 11 wonderful years, I’ve immersed myself in the enchanting world of preschool education. It’s an absolute delight to play a pivotal role in nurturing these little stars and being an integral part of their foundational years of growth. What makes my journey at Mindseed even more special is the vibrant work culture that surrounds us. Here, we’re not just educators; we’re a close-knit family dedicated to sculpting young minds and creating a magical learning experience.

Angai Kadam

Principal, Aundh

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Hear From Other Parents

Neha BindNeha Bind
13:45 08 Jun 24
I am trying to call these people from last 3 days to book at an appointment for daycare .. but they do not seem to bother ! I amCalling them every day but all they say is someone Wil call but no one has called me ever ! If this is how they manage parents idk how they manage kid
Prerana KurkurePrerana Kurkure
18:17 05 Mar 24
Siva (Sriram)Siva (Sriram)
10:32 20 Feb 24
Our twin boys have been under the care of Mindseed since months before their first birthday till now and its been over 2 years. Didi's care about kids food intake and the cook is so dedicated (parents can taste it during PTM days) she ensures what she prepares sets the taste bud for each kid to enjoy the food. Only fresh cooked/no-junk(no outside/stored) foods/healthy combinations of foods is served time-to-time. They ensure that children of varying ages have the opportunity to interact with one another, and the principal/didi's are considerate enough to encourage kids and adapt to feedback from parents and to mention their Playgroup schooling. Teachers ensure kids learn and enjoy gadget/digital equipment free learning with all hand-made stuffs, toys, coverage of multiple skills, activities, connected body-brain engagements, nurturing them on linguistic/cognitive/physical/socio-emotional skills that are handled so well without kids feeling the stress by any means, also their curriculum is above par with schools and so these kids when they move to school they will be ahead than their peers in the game which can be re-validated comparing the curriculum of popular schools Vs mindseed. Their interesting nearby field-trips, discipline without stress, celebrations for all occasions, sports day all are handled in very organized way. The kindness and timely attention they pay to kids certainly deserves a call-out in Aundh area particularly. Timings and holidays are so conveniently scheduled so that working people can be worry-free. Time-to-Time app updates on food, videos on kids development stages, real-time camera access, sleep-schedules, medicine administering are taken care with no-miss which when observed instills confidence for any parent on Mindseed. Thanks to mindseed for being so considerate and co-operating.
Deepti PadatureDeepti Padature
10:25 03 Sep 23
rashmi satputerashmi satpute
04:11 28 Aug 23
It was my daughter's first stage performance....Her confidence on stage has improved so much..All thanks to the teachers and staff of mindseed school!!
Jaya DasguptaJaya Dasgupta
11:40 03 Jun 23
We extremely loved and we enjoyed the program. Our child also enjoyed the function.
Sneha PatilSneha Patil
09:06 23 May 23
Shaurya is enrolled at mindseed since he was 2½ year old. He is fond of all the teachers and didis there. He loves the activities conducted in the school and during the summer camp as well.
Anjali AswaleAnjali Aswale
14:53 14 Mar 23
The Annual Day event was undoubtedly grand given all the efforts put in by the Children, Teachers and helpers. Really appreciate all the patience and persistence to make it a success. However, I truly feel that it should have been a scaled down event for a specific branch. That would have helped us connect better with our children while they performed. We couldn’t even capture videos or photos of our child because we were seated at the balcony. Also, the children were baffled by the crowd and vast setup. Hope this will be considered going forward. Thanks.
Samrat DurgeSamrat Durge
13:45 14 Mar 23
The teachers and the school staff is amazing here... They take care and look after each child individually... The teaching pattern is really appreciating considering the child's mentality and liking.The annual day celebration was great and well organized. Watching the kids performing was a treat. Thanks to the efforts put in by the teachers and staff. I am glad that my son is studying at Mindseed.Best regards to Team Mindseed ...

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