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7 Benefits of Enrolling Your Child to a Preschool

Modern parenting is not an easy task. As a parent, you want the best for your kid and yet the thought of leaving your 3-4-year-old alone with a bunch of strangers can be tough to digest.

You do want them to succeed in life but do not want them to be burdened with academic pressure so soon!

Let us make it easier for you with valid reasoning.

Here are the 7 benefits of a child attending preschool to make you consider it.

1. Early exposure

As the research suggests, in the first 5 years, a baby’s brain is most adaptive and optimised for learning. It can create more than a million new neural connections every second which helps them build the foundation of a powerful brain. Preschool benefits them with early exposure that feeds their curiosity and helps them utilise their energy the right way.

2. Makes them School-ready

Preschool works like cementing for your young lads before they step into the academic system. It sets a base for kindergarten and the future. Children learn how to be students by practising smaller habits like how to raise their hands and asking questions. They also learn how to share the teacher’s attention.

3. Social and emotional development

With the growing nuclear family culture, children often crave companionship. Pre-school benefits them with a sense of belongingness with other kids that help them grow together and nurtures healthy emotional and social development at an early age.

4. Availability and ability to make choices

Preschools like Mindseed enable kids with many learning activities like singing, dancing, games, etc. Teachers encourage them to follow their interests.
This means they not only get to follow their interests but also learn decision-making skills and much more.

5. Language and Cognitive skills

A “language-rich” environment helps nurture language skills. In a preschool set-up, students are encouraged with thought-provoking questions to give them opportunities to learn language through singing, talking, reading books, and creative play.
Teachers guide children to strengthen their language skills by introducing new vocabulary during art, snack time, and other activities.

6. Self-Confidence

In preschool, children learn to do things for themselves. For e.g., to wash their hands, go to the bathroom, and take off their shoes without an adult doing it for them. Learning new skills helps them build confidence and be self-dependent.
Interacting with other kids and teachers improves their communication skills resulting in a confidence boost.

7. Feeds the brain

Children are born curious and their questions can put parents in a confused situation. For e.g. Do birds play? Or why do clouds run so fast?

However, preschool teachers are well-trained to tackle such situations. They teach children to find answers through exploration, experimentation, and conversation.

A well-fed brain is a sign of a happy kid.

Research shows that children who graduate from preschool have improved academic readiness, smarter personality, and higher earnings.

With a happy and healthy environment at home, preschool can give your kids a leg up in school and life.

So, consider admitting your little rockstar to a high-quality preschool and be assured to observe the signs of development within them.

We at Mindseed, make sure the next generation is nurtured well while they get to enjoy their childhood at its best.

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