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At Kamothe Sector 35 Pre-School, we strive to honor each child by nurturing each individual’s innate sense of wonder and curiosity.


Welcome to Mindseed
Navi Mumbai - Kamothe Sector 35

Finding the right pre-school for your child can be a big task. Especially, if you are looking for daycare in Kamothe 35. When it comes to preschool and daycare centres in Navi Mumbai, Mindseed Daycare Centre is one of the most reputed centres in the area. A good pre-school should offer a well-rounded and enriching learning experience to children.


This can help them create a strong foundation for their future by teaching them useful techniques, concepts and skills that will enhance their ability to succeed. We at Mindseed Education Center believe in providing all our students with individualized care and attention as we believe in encouraging each one to achieve his or her fullest potential! Our classes are designed to introduce new things daily and are led by pre-trained experienced teachers who ensure that every child is pushed toward reaching their greatest heights. Every child is special and we believe in helping them unlock their potential so they always touch new heights of success throughout their life. A variety of interesting activities in our preschool at Kamothe 35 are conducted for the wholesome development of students. Being one of the finest Preschools in Navi Mumbai, we ensure our students develop mastery in crucial skills such as reading, logic, concentration, and perseverance in the foundation years.

Why Mindseed?

Redefining early child care education

Preschool is dedicated to providing a learning environment that allows children to develop at their own speed.


Skill Based Curriculum

A child becomes a lifelong learner by acquiring skills, not just by listening to teachers. Mindseed is one of the finest Preschools in Mumbai where we ensure our students develop mastery in crucial skills such as reading, logic, concentration, and perseverance in the foundation years, 2-6 years of age

Child Centric Classroom

Instead of organising the classrooms according to grades or age, Mindseed is one of the best play schools in Mumbai, where they are organised into different skill stations, as per skill-based curriculum, to provide an immersive learning environment for each and every child.

Personalised Learning

No two kids are the same, then why should they learn the same thing, same way and at the same pace? Mindseed is one of the top preschools in Mumbai where kids learn at their own pace and move ahead once they learn rather than at the pace of the teacher.

Mindseed App

Mindseed is one of the finest play schools in Mumbai where learning is not confined to teachers or school, but continues at home as well. Our App helps parents to observe the progress of their child, to collaborate with teachers and to engage kids at home in activities.