Admission Enquiry

Parent Referral

Academic Year

Terms & Condition:

1. Who can apply?

Only Mindseed preschool and daycare parents can apply for this offer

2. What is a valid lead?

A reference given which doesn’t exist in the Mindseed database
The reference child must of be between the age of 6 months to 8 years of age
The reference parent should be looking for a preschool or daycare admission
The reference parent must be staying within 4 km of any Mindseed school

3. What is a school visit?

When a valid lead visits any Mindseed school for an admission enquiry and is part of the counselling process

4. What is an admission?

When a reference pays the 1st installment of the preschool yearly fees or the 6 months daycare fees (for minimum of 4 hours daycare per day)

5. When will I receive my Gift?

Once you achieve the point parameters, you will receive the gift within 15 working days

6. What is the programme duration?

This Referral programme is valid from 15th April to 15th June 2023 only

7. Where all is this programme valid?

It is valid at all the Mindseed schools and even at Mindseed schools. If your reference lead takes admission at our partner school, the points will be accrued to your name.

8. What is the escalation process?

You can reach out to +91 7738511444

Management decisions will be final. The Management reserves the right to withdraw the programme at any point of time without prior notice.

Admission Enquiry