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Located in the fascinating neighbourhood of Kamothe’s Sector 35, Kamothe 35 Mindseed can be found behind the HDFC Bank Lane. The daycare provides vibrant, clean, fun and safe space for your child to learn and grow.  

The functioning of Mindseed Daycare is centred around three aspects – the well-being, development and safety of your child. We prioritize and ensure the holistic growth of our students with the establishment of an age-appropriate and well-rounded curriculum at Mindseed. Here, the primary focus is on the individual needs, interests and development of each child. Along with providing a safe and hygienic environment, our centres provide age-appropriate materials and resources that promote creativity in children. At Mindseed, we encourage the little ones to interact with their peers, explore their environment, and discover their interests and hobbies. Rather than relying on punitive measures, we believe in employing positive discipline techniques with a focus on communication, understanding and teaching. Mindseed also maintains open and transparent communication with parents by updating them about their child’s activities and progress through the Mindseed Daycare app. We encourage parental involvement in children’s learning and development through events, regular meetings and by providing opportunities to take part in children’s learning activities. 

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8am to 8pm (Mon to Fri)
8am to 3pm (sat)

Shop No. 2, Neptune Paradise Building, Ground Floor, Plot No. 27, Sector 35, Kamothe, Navi Mumbai – 410209

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Meet Our Principal

I’m Vani, a mother of a 6-year-old, and I’ve proudly been a part of the Mindseed family for over 4 years. My passion lies in nurturing creative learning, and I’m deeply aligned with the company’s mission of empowering individuals to unlock their learning potential. What’s truly special about Mindseed is not only our commitment to education but also the inclusive and supportive work culture we cultivate. This environment enables us to collectively inspire young minds and make a real impact on their learning journeys.

Vani Khare

Principal, Kamothe35

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Hear From Other Parents

Manoj MishraManoj Mishra
16:24 30 May 24
I like the concept of personalized learning where in the app you can check the growth and development of the child.I still remember how I hate maths and my child loves all whether its reading,writing ,calculation.It feels so amazed to see a five years old reading book, doing calculations and enjoying all activities like yoga, dance etc.I feel so proud and happy with the decision of taking my child admission in Mindseed.Would recommend it to all my friends and families.Thank you Mindseed
Mamta JoshiMamta Joshi
16:20 30 May 24
Radha PandeRadha Pande
14:03 30 May 24
Shivankh is really happy.Ankita and Swati teacher takes great care of my child. I love the way they engage the kids with different activities and also improve their eating habits as my child was a real fussy eater.Grateful to Mindseed and always recommend it to families and friends.
Sanjivani BorgeSanjivani Borge
09:32 23 May 24
Mindseed kamothe 35 team very good. We are very satisfied. Thank you
Kavita jagtapKavita jagtap
09:27 23 May 24
Very good team. The way they handle the kids. Very nice kamothe 35 team. keep doing good
Sheetal PansareSheetal Pansare
06:34 19 Mar 24
"We had an amazing time at the celebration, witnessing our children shine on stage was absolutely captivating. The OZ land theme and characters were awesome. Huge thanks to Mindseed and all the dedicated teachers who made it all possible. Our family thoroughly enjoyed the event, and we're proud to be part of the Mindseed community."
Sameer SamSameer Sam
05:48 13 Mar 24
Poor facilities, poor infrastructure, lack of professionalism, staff behave just like Running some Thousands billions business 🤣 lmao 🤣🤣. I visited many reputed Institutes but this pre school huge then IIT joke. A lady who described structure and advantage like M Business queen or what 🤣 Kon hai yeh log kaha se aate hai yeh log 🤣🤣🤣.Don't ever try to meet that Sasti Shark tank ki Namita 🤣🤣
Rajiv SRajiv S
15:58 10 Jan 24
Priyanka MeshramPriyanka Meshram
01:20 21 Dec 23
My kid yatharth is very happy being in school there. The principal Vani ma'am is very good and he'd strong lady who leads the centre really well. The staff is always on toes in order to take care of the kids. A big thank you to everyone at kamothe 35 branch
Neelam ChaudharyNeelam Chaudhary
01:17 21 Dec 23
Amazing place with respect to safety, hygeine and care. Thank you for being there always. My kids are very happy being in the school and daycare
shailender uppalshailender uppal
01:16 21 Dec 23
Very good daycare for my kids
Charu BhosleCharu Bhosle
05:59 10 Dec 23
It was made easy to choose Mindseed Kamothe 35 as a preschool inspire of the fees being high for my child due to the passionate Principal Vani.She helped me with all my queries and concerns. School is so well maintained and teachers and staff handles the little ones so well. Hats off to all of them who manage and make children learn and enjoy.The camera access and the app adds to my satisfaction too.I will strongly recommend all preschool seekers to consider Mindseed for their child’s learning journey.
Silka AgarwalSilka Agarwal
13:22 08 Nov 23
I am a doctor and I was invited to this Mindseed preschool on Doctor's day to interact with students. I observed there that all the staff including teachers, principal and the non teaching staff were taking a very good care of the students be it an under 1 year kid or the toddlers. They were patiently listening and trying to resolve the numerous queries of the little ones. During, the lunch break the meal they provided was healthy and when i inquired I came to know that they provide a balanced meal every week and the menu is also different. I also saw that the school principal, Mrs. Vani, interacted with all the parents when they came to pick up their children at dismissal time and addressed their concerns if they had any. I would strongly recommend this school to everyone new parent in the town as this school not only provides education but also the comfort and security to the children.
Ansh VijayAnsh Vijay
18:04 20 Mar 23
We are thankful for the exceptional care and education our child received at MindSeed School.Teachers and staff were warm, welcoming, and dedicated.MindSeed provided a safe environment for my child to learn and grow, and the curriculum was engaging and effective.I would highly recommend MindSeed to any parent looking for a high-quality nursery education for their child
Beck SelBeck Sel
11:52 20 Mar 23
Officially this is Atarah's first Annual day because... (No prize for guessing, Covid). As a child I always showed interest in taking part in the annual day but paying even 200 or 300 rs at that time was not affordable plus our father detested dancing, it gives me immense pleasure to see my daughter participate in annual day, my unfilled dream getting full filled.The Annual day venue was CIDCO Exhibition center, the ambiance and coordination was too good, the Theme was " Echo on the Earth", Echo is a little alien who lands in Incredible India and visits and learns about our different states. A few things we absolutely loved about this entire program..1. Children from different backgrounds took part in something or other , including special needs kids.2. Diversity was well covered by showing south India, west coast, Assam, rajasthan, Kolkata, Panjim and so on. We felt so proud when the little girl said we speak more than 700 languages in India.3. It started sharp at 6 pm and ended at 9 pm4. The Guest Mr. Kishore Iyengar from Vishwajyot High School Kharghar kept his speech short and crisp, This is Mindseed Preschool's main school.5. They did not even waste 1 min here and there, a few weeks back we happened to attend another annual day where few parents shouted they want "once more" of their kid's dance.. which is ridiculous, first of all it's tiring for the little kids and it's offensive for other parents whose kids did not perform for the 2nd time. Around 45 mins wasted with "once more" demand. Thankfully here at Mindseed they clearly said once more will not be encouraged.6. The disbursal of kids was disciplined, I was reading about a few incidents where few schools missed this so I was worried but yesterday it was done systematically.7. The kids fell fed with snacks yesterday, again last time during her Karate event kids were crying out of hunger as the center chose not to give food till the end of the event which was like 9.30 pm.Looking forward to next year, Congratulations 🎉 Mindseed Kamothe Sector Thirtyfive for the great event. The school always showed and proved bookish knowledge alone is not everything, each child is unique so let's celebrate them. Mindseed celebrates everything and it's always fun to dress up Atarah according to that.Well done Mindseed Preschool and DaycareGood Bye K1👋Hello K2 🙌
Yogesh MedgeYogesh Medge
04:26 20 Mar 23
It was great celebration and a fun filled event like never before. Watching our tiny little wards performing on a bigger stage is really mesmerising. Thanks to Mindseed and all the teacher’s who made this possible. It was a really awesome, superb, fantastic, great, mind blowing program. Showing the kids greatness of india and the echo o earth concept is really nice. The energy of the teachers and the little once were extraordinary. Handling one child at home is a tough task but the teachers are doing extremely great things by handling so many verity of kids. Salute to them.Me and my family enjoyed the show and we are so happy to be a proud parents at Mindseed

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