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Hariom Nagar

Surrounded by the lush green garden, Mindseed Daycare in Hariom Nagar is situated close to Individual Row house, opposite Aditya Park 3. Offering ample room for outdoor activities and sports, the centre creates an idyllic setting for the learning and growth of your little one.

The functioning of Mindseed Daycare is centred around three aspects – the well-being, development and safety of your child. We prioritize and ensure the holistic growth of our students with the establishment of an age-appropriate and well-rounded curriculum at Mindseed. Here, the primary focus is on the individual needs, interests and development of each child. Along with providing a safe and hygienic environment, our centres provide age-appropriate materials and resources that promote creativity in children. At Mindseed, we encourage the little ones to interact with their peers, explore their environment, and discover their interests and hobbies. Rather than relying on punitive measures, we believe in employing positive discipline techniques with a focus on communication, understanding and teaching. Mindseed also maintains open and transparent communication with parents by updating them about their child’s activities and progress through the Mindseed Daycare app. We encourage parental involvement in children’s learning and development through events, regular meetings and by providing opportunities to take part in children’s learning activities.



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8am to 8pm (Mon to Fri)
8am to 3pm (sat)

Row House No 9, Hariomnagar, Damoji Patil Wadi, Mulund(E) Mumbai – 400081

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6 months - 10 years


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Meet Our Principal

Hi! I am Karen Menon, a seasoned professional with 20+ years in operations and customer service. Working as the Principal of Mindseed Hariomnagar, Mulund East for more than 2 years, I witness the magic unfold every day. With an unwavering passion for education and a belief in unlocking every child’s learning potential, we celebrate the joy of learning at Mindseed.

Karen Menon

Principal, Hariom Nagar

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Hear From Other Parents

Pranita PatilPranita Patil
12:23 26 Apr 24
A big shout out to all parents who stays nearby to this school, the best & finest preschool & daycare. Everyone at school are very caring towards child. All teachers & didi's go beyond & put their efforts towards your child to make them grow academically & personally. My child was been there are for 2 years & I must say the change I see in her makes me really proud.The transparency, effective & unique teaching methods, skill based learning, comfortable environment makes this preschool different from other.Also the daycare here will make your child feel like home by the homely environment they have here. All didi's take good care of all children by assuring the child ate well, slept well & played well.The best part is, here you wont see progress on report cards, but you will personally see it in your child.Thank You Mindseed Hariomnagar for every effort you take.- Pranita Patil -
priyanka hadawalepriyanka hadawale
11:18 07 Mar 24
Dear Mindseed teamWe are short of words to express our eartfelt gratitude and appreciation towards the entire team of mindseed, especially the Teachers.The Annual Day was yet another memorable and emotional day for us to see our little munchkins on stage.The efforts put in was visible even during the performances where each and every one of you tried to make the show a big hit.Keep up the good work and dedication towards creating a difference in the life of all these young butterflies.
Mushfika ShaikhMushfika Shaikh
17:30 11 Feb 24
Anita sahaniAnita sahani
03:32 01 Nov 23
The environment is very nice and child friendly.the staff and the teachers are very polite and helpful.
Laxmi SinghLaxmi Singh
03:28 01 Nov 23
Good school and good staff..
16:13 31 Oct 23
Mitali KotakMitali Kotak
16:06 31 Oct 23
Kashmira RathivadekarKashmira Rathivadekar
13:46 13 Aug 23
Finest preschool and daycare nearby. The teachers are incredibly caring and always using innovative teaching methods. Support staff is extremely helpful. My child eagerly anticipates school each day due to the engaging activities and enthusiastic celebrations.Thank you Mindseed and Iqra teacher for all the efforts.
Ritu AgarwalRitu Agarwal
12:02 25 Mar 23
It’s an amazing school and teachers are great and very supportive. The program is really good and helped my child to develop multiple skills. Thanks a lot Mindseed and special thanks to Jayanti mam for taking for care of her and being an amazing teacher
Prachi KukrejaPrachi Kukreja
11:58 25 Mar 23
I Thank you to all teachers and the entire school staff and management for always giving us feedback on our child's performance and improvements. You always give a listening ear to us whenever we want to talk about our child to you. Also Annual Day event was very well managed.Thank you once again Mindseed PreSchool & Day care😊😊
Siddhesh ShelkeSiddhesh Shelke
07:15 12 Nov 22
Good preschool for all students. Teacher's are best. Jayanti teacher(Hari om Nagar branch) is teaching good and giving attention to all activities of students. My kid started learning and identifying all the letters and objects. My concern during admission was related to speaking. He was not speaking, but now after taking admission and indulging in the activity and making new friends he is able to speak fluently. He can relate words and make complete sentences. All thanks to Mindseed preschool.
sana khansana khan
12:34 28 Aug 22
One of the best Preschools around the area. Teachers are nice and extremely supportive. Infrastructure is nice. They have a play area and pool. Skill based curriculum is a another key highlight that puts them above the rest. You can definitely enrol your loved one in this safe haven.

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