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Located just off the main highway, Airoli 19 Mindseed is surrounded by scenic views of lush greenery. Along with providing easy accessibility, the daycare offers a peaceful and safe atmosphere conducive to study and reflection. 

The functioning of Mindseed Daycare is centred around three aspects – the well-being, development and safety of your child. We prioritize and ensure the holistic growth of our students with the establishment of an age-appropriate and well-rounded curriculum at Mindseed. Here, the primary focus is on the individual needs, interests and development of each child. Along with providing a safe and hygienic environment, our centres provide age-appropriate materials and resources that promote creativity in children. At Mindseed, we encourage the little ones to interact with their peers, explore their environment, and discover their interests and hobbies. Rather than relying on punitive measures, we believe in employing positive discipline techniques with a focus on communication, understanding and teaching. Mindseed also maintains open and transparent communication with parents by updating them about their child’s activities and progress through the Mindseed Daycare app. We encourage parental involvement in children’s learning and development through events, regular meetings and by providing opportunities to take part in children’s learning activities. 

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8am to 8pm (Mon to Fri)
8am to 3pm (sat)

Shop No-14,15,16 & 17, Ground floor, Mahavir Plaza, Sector 19, Airoli, Navi Mumbai – 400708

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6 months - 10 years


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Meet Our Principal

Hi!I am Mamta, a dedicated and forward-thinking educator proudly serving as the Principal of Mindseed. With over 9 years of experience, I’ve had the privilege of being part of Mindseed, an institution that plays a pivotal role in nurturing a positive learning environment, enabling students to realize their utmost potential. My leadership, my unwavering passion for education, and my commitment to the school community collectively shape me as an inspirational presence at Mindseed, dedicated to unlocking the potential within our young learners.

Mamta Joshi

Principal, Airoli 19

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Hear From Other Parents

Rupesh MoreRupesh More
11:58 30 May 24
Team is very supportive take good care of my child
sohan chourasiyasohan chourasiya
12:17 24 Apr 24
Prachi BobhatePrachi Bobhate
10:41 24 Apr 24
Siddhesh JoshiSiddhesh Joshi
10:31 24 Apr 24
Rohini BarveRohini Barve
10:28 24 Apr 24
Nice school
Swati SalkarSwati Salkar
10:15 24 Apr 24
Manish KambleManish Kamble
03:37 21 Jan 24
Ravi KumarRavi Kumar
06:54 20 Jan 24
I appreciate the staff of both school and day care. The improvement i see in my son in terms of studies, confidence, socializing are remarkable. The activites planned by them, be it dance, taekwondo, etc really help the kids to get introduced to various art forms. Highly recommend the school as well as daycare.
05:02 20 Jan 24
Disha kDisha k
04:21 20 Jan 24
Mindseed play school has a unique way for taking our kids to a different levelNot only education but a satisfactory growth in all aspects
Harshita PatilHarshita Patil
12:14 16 Jan 24
Mindseed Preschool & Daycare has been a fantastic journey for my son! They have exceptional care, engaging curriculum, and a nurturing environment. We highly recommend it for little ones' growth!
Ravindra PatilRavindra Patil
08:47 09 Sep 23
Lata GhanvatLata Ghanvat
08:43 09 Sep 23
Safe environment for kids in airoli mindseed
shital poteshital pote
06:17 09 Sep 23
Will the skill base learning I can see the development of my child in airoli mindseed
Dilip SawantDilip Sawant
04:50 09 Sep 23
My child is happy to go mindseed
pravin patilpravin patil
14:08 05 Sep 23
There is no reply from your end for the various emails we sent for the fee refund.We cannot afford for a personal caretaker at your school since my son Kiyaan has ASD. We have cancel the admission in month of june-23 at your school in Airoli. The refund amount will help my son for therapy treatment.
kamini moundekarkamini moundekar
13:35 21 Aug 23
My kid is going to Mindseed daycare, Airoli for the last seven months and I feel Mindseed is the second safe place for my kid after my home. I am very thankful to the Mindseed teachers and other staff for such care they are taking of my kid.
Bhuvanesh NaikBhuvanesh Naik
05:28 10 Dec 22
Mindseed Sports Day event: I would say he had an unique experience. I was surprised to see him in the flag bearing ceremony.External factors can affect a child's mood.The atmosphere was all the while beautifully chaotic with some kids crying, many grinning and a bunch of them overly enthusiastic. The staff had honed their skills to manage these cherubs to the best of their abilities. Anxious parents like us could have been overwhelming to the staff too.With the spirit of mindseed, the parents were all excited to cheer the ones irrespective of where the Lil ones stood in the race.The pom pom dance, the Surya Namaskar, the flag bearing ceremony were gracefully performed by the innocent unassuming little munchkins.The awkward dances, Mexican wave, Mind seed cheering of the parents filled the air with energy for the kids.The races were thoughtful for the age groups. Every child was a winner. The medal given to every child was icing on the cake.The event was well managed. The patience and integrity of the teachers and staff towards managing each child is a huge endeavour. Coaching a child is not easy. Taking care of so many kids at once in a new environment could have been challenging for the staff too.Anything else that may need improvement which the staff would already know of, will only make Mindseed a more enhanced experience for future children.Well,my son may have cried for some time. But he had his share of fun too. My son's wide grin with the little hippity hop when he finished the race is memorable . Mindseed teachers, thank you for coaching and giving him an incredible day.
Ar TanushreeAr Tanushree
06:42 22 Jan 20
I have seen many positive changes after enrolling my child in this pre School .For admission we visited many schools in Airoli .But at last we finalised this one.The way of teaching and the environment is different . The app helps parents to know about the child's activities in school. All teachers are kids friendly, enthusiastic, super active . The caretakers ( moushi)are also very helpful. All children are taken special care here. For 7th annual function 2020, I want to say one thing, it was awesome. Hats off to all the Teachers who involved with these small kids. Really being a teacher is a tough job. Practice of One script with kids of different branches is really difficult and Mindseed did it Perfectly.Thanks to Mindseed again.Parents of Prankit Choudhury ( Nursury morning batch) sec 19, Airoli

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