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What is the right age for play school admission?

Preschools are the first step for your child toward their formal education. Contrary to popular belief, preschools are an imperative step for your child and have been proven to build good morals and habits as well as boost confidence and help your kid socialize properly. They make friends in preschool; they learn to adjust without you in the same room and they grow both mentally and physically through activities and games. Drawing, singing, painting, dancing, eating together, and talking in front of people all instil qualities that pave the pathways to a successful and easier career for your child. 

But at what age you should enrol your kid in playschool is the real question. Different countries follow different age guidelines for this. But the general age group that is eligible to attend preschools is 18 months onwards. Children between the age of 18 months to 5 years attend playschool. Kids above 3 and four years start their usual schooling by that age and children below 18 months are too young for the schooling environment. So based on your child and their growth you can enrol your kid in a playschool between 18 months and 3 years.  

What Is The Right Play School For Your Kid? 

Mindseed is amongst one of the best preschools in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Mindseed follows a unique teaching methodology of personalizing the learning process for every child and helping them explore the extraordinary in and around them in the world. Through interactive, engaging, and entertaining teaching techniques and classroom activities, Mindseed enables good behaviour and promotes active nature in our kids.  

Also, while scouting for the right option keep in mind a few points necessary like – is this preschool near me so I can pick and drop my kid easily or rush over, if need be, since young children and parents alike suffer from separation anxiety the first time their kid goes to school. Also, check for qualified faculty with hands-on experience, proper sanitation, and nutritious food available in the canteen. These are some of the basics you should look out for. 

The Admission Process 

Generally, all admission processes start by filling out the application form online on the school’s portal. You’ll have to upload the necessary documents and submit the application. Then you’ll get to visit the campus where the assigned counsellor guides you through the rest of the process and also answer any queries you might have. Once you’re satisfied you can book a seat for your child, and pay the term fees before the term starts. 

Is Play School Necessary? 

Yes, playschools play an imperative part in your child’s growth. Several studies and research have shown that older students who had attended preschool seemed to exhibit better social mannerisms, and were more comfortable and confident in themselves in comparison to kids who didn’t attend preschool. Even online, it is better to give your child the opportunity instead of skipping an entire stage of the long learning curve they have in front of them. 

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