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Things Your Child Should Know Before Entering First Grade

For a parent, getting their child admitted into a preschool is a much-awaited moment. Every parent wants the best preschool for their child. The primary and fundamental requirements that a preschool must fulfill are related to the location of the institution, the environment within the school must be child-friendly, culture friendly, and the fee structure must be cost-effective. However, selecting a preschool in Mumbai can be a daunting task for a parent couple.

There are many top preschools in Mumbai that can suit the needs of different parent couples. However, do you think seeing the location or cost is the only thing that you should consider? Ideally, it is not. Things never end when considering location or cost only. A couple needs to see each and everything about the pre-school in which they are thinking of getting admission for their child.

Here are the following questions that a parent should ask while selecting a preschool for their child.

  1. What is the educational background and environment of the school?

The first and basic question that a parent should ask while choosing a pre-school is the educational background of the institution. Before heading towards the admission process, verify if the pre-school is affiliated or non-affiliated. Do the private pre-school have a license for this institution or not? Every private pre-school needs a license for running an educational institution.

Apart from this, make sure that the environment of the pre-school is comfortable enough for your child. The environment should be growing rather than being extra competitive for the kid.

  1. Are the teachers friendly and educated enough?

The role of teachers is quite important in any school. But, when it comes to pre-school it becomes extra important. The teacher is the one who is going to stay with the child during school hours. Therefore, always check the educational qualification of the teachers. Check if the teachers are friendly. Ask for some reviews about the teachers and pre-school from the parents who are old to that institution. Ideally, a teacher should be friendly with the children and should know how to deal with them.

  1. Is the school safe for your child?

This question has the most relevance in this matter. A pre-school should be safe for your child. The pre-school is the first school for a child and nobody wants the experience to get spoiled because of the unsafe environment. The staff and teachers of the pre-school must be good for a child and they must create a safe environment for a child.

  1. Is the school meeting the parents’ and child’s needs?

A pre-school must be chosen after it meets the needs of both the child and parent. It should be cost-effective, location friendly, and be suitable for working parents. If a child is still not potty trained then have a check to see if the school meets this requirement or not.

  1. Is the pre-school academic-centered only?

A parent should also look into this matter. Many preschools in Mumbai are only academic-centric which can be boring for the child at that age. Therefore, always check the schedule of the school. See if there are playing and free hours allotted for your child or not.


Pre-schools are the first educational institution of any child. A parent should make sure that the pre-school is best for their child. Evaluate many pre-school options and then select the best among top preschools in Mumbai.

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