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The Best Indoor and Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is here, and it’s the time to explore interesting activities that your children can indulge in during their vacation. Children eagerly wait for this time of the year and look forward to day trips, picnics, preschool summer camps, and other outings with their parents. It is when they create memories and as parents, you would want to make every summer day unforgettable for them. Let’s take a look at some fun indoor and outdoor summer activities your kids can get involved in.

Indoor Activities

Art Projects:

Children love to draw and create something new. It can be one of the best productive times for them to learn new hobbies, though sometimes it can get a little messy! So, make sure that the activity is done under your supervision. Give them enough paper, colouring books, glue, crayons, and coloured pencils, and they will be ready for the challenge!


A simple toy can mean the world to children! For them, playing with their favourite toys is always a part of their vacation routine. There are some well-thought educational toys that are good for enhancing their motor and learning skills. Toys can give the children their ‘Me Time’ while they make up their own stories and explore their imaginative minds.

Games & Books:

Classic board games and cards are best to keep your children busy. They can be fun, intriguing, and stimulating at the same time.  Puzzle games are great as they make children curious to find the answer and help sharpen their minds. Introduce them to their favourite genre of books and encourage them to build their knowledge base or create a world of their own. Reading is a good habit that improves the concentration level in children. Summer is a great time that can be used wisely to develop their love for reading and make them voracious readers as they grow up. There are many children’s comics and magazines that cover everything from moral stories to interesting scientific facts. Let them join a library to find their own interest or encourage them to form a summer reading club with their friends.

Outdoor Activities

Summer Camp:

During summer vacations, many organisations conduct summer camps for kids. Some of them are full-day or overnight camps that organise a variety of fun activities that kids like. You can also check with your school if they have any planned preschool summer camp activities.  Summer camp activities for kids include outdoor sports, swimming, trail walking, treehouse making and many more activities. Children love such activities while they learn new skills and make a lot of new friends.

Outdoor Family Barbeque Night:

Parents can encourage children to come up with simple recipe ideas like chocolate chip cookies, sandwiches and burgers. A family gathering can be planned to cook out in the open and kids can have fun while they try their hand at exciting culinary experiments.

Backyard Camping and Trail Walk:

In this fast-paced city life, there are only a very few occasions when children get a chance to experience the beauty of nature. Put up a small tent in the backyard and stay away from the house. Go for a small walk in the surrounding park or plan a trek to the forests or mountains. Explain to your kids about the flora and fauna surrounding your house. If not a long trip, you can always take your child out to the zoo, so that they understand the value of nature and our environment.

While there are many indoor and outdoor activities that children can engage in during their summer vacations, the important part is to let them be free. Such activities not only bring a bright smile to their faces but also help them in developing new skills, creating stronger bonds along with everlasting memories.

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