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Stories from our schools – Shreerag and the paper plane

It’s absolutely wonderful when parents are part of this collaborative journey of learning that we create in our schools. Recently, one of our moms sent us a heartfelt message of thanks with a great piece of evidence on her child’s progress. Shreerag is in UKG at Wunderbar Kids, a happy and active child.

Last week, when he was at home, he wanted his father to come upstairs and join him in his play. Instead of shouting out to his father (like kids normally do), Shreerag painstakingly wrote out the message, “DAD, PLIZ KUM UPSYD (upstairs)” onto a paper plane and floated it down to his father!

Imagine his parents surprise and happiness! His mom says ” I’m so happy. He’s learnt to say the sentence in English and now he’s joining the sounds and writing them too.”

What’s amazing to us isn’t just Shreerag’s progress – though that in itself is a reason to cheer. It’s also the fact that his parents have recognized his progress, have understood the steps that lead up to this moment, and that they’re choosing to record these moments and play them back to us. To us, as educators, that is a real game changer.

Here’s to more parents like Shreerag’s. Don’t you agree?

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