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It’s your child’s first year of Preschool. You are looking into the curriculums offered by different schools to pick the best one for your child. You are eagerly waiting for the day your child will take their first step towards reading, learn to count numbers and start to write alphabets. And then, the pandemic hits. You have your concerns regarding how effective online classes will be and, at the same time, want to provide the best learning experience for your child even during those trying times. These were the circumstances when Mrs. Raghavi C.K- or as we know her, Vilvah’s mother- reached out to us. From our first interaction, we understood that Vilvah has the best support system she could ever ask for in the form of a mother who would leave no stone unturned in making sure that her child is provided with the best facilities. All Vilvah wanted was a guide who would take her through the right path of learning and Mindseed Preschool happened to be the best fit for that role. In this article, we’ll further discuss how Mrs. Raghavi made sure that her child stayed on track with the preschool curriculum at home. 


My Journey as a Preschooler’s Mother 


I’m Raghavi, Vilvah’s mother. It was during the time of COVID-19 that I felt most grateful for the technology available. Now, looking back, I wonder, had the pandemic come a decade earlier, how would we have managed children’s education? Thanks to the online classes, my child did not have to wait for the physical schools to open for her to start her learning journey. Being new to virtual learning, I had my doubts about its effectiveness, but I decided to give it a try. Today, I’m glad that I made that decision as online learning with Mindseed Preschool not only delivered a world-class education to my child but also proved to be her source of connection to normalcy to a great extent. Vilvah used to look forward to seeing her teachers and friends online. It gave her reassurance that although she couldn’t go to parks and play with friends, she still got to make new friends and interact with them. This created a comfort zone for her while all she could otherwise do was sit at home and play alone. During a time when all we heard and saw was despair, those interactive sessions with teachers and friends were much needed for kids to lighten the mood. 


Speaking of academic curriculum, Mindseed Preschool encouraged students to embrace learning using natural methodology and by incorporating learning concepts with fun activities. I believe that this was crucial for holding the attention of kids while learning. Whether it was painting, counting numbers, identifying shapes or reading a book, Vilvah actively took part in these activities. In fact, after the classes, she would ask me to participate in these activities as well. I used to sit with her while she read out the alphabet and words. At a young age, she started to recognise the colour and shape of different objects that she found at our house. 


The one most important thing that made this whole online learning a lot easier is the Mindseed App. It updated me daily with the learning activities that Vilvah took part in and her learning progress. Through the app, I could connect with her teachers and understand her strengths and the areas to improve. Through their tips and suggestions, I was able to guide my child in the right direction. 


Today, Vilvah can solve math problems which children two years older than her are expected to solve. She can read books without any external help. All thanks to Mindseed Preschool for making learning possible and enjoyable for my child. 


The Mindseed Impact


Just like Mrs. Raghavi, many parents wonder if online learning could be as effective as learning in a physical classroom. However, having developed a curriculum that was based on the idea of online learning a few years before the pandemic, Mindseed Preschool was confident that it was possible. Our collaborative tool, the Mindseed App, acts as the bridge that connects home to school. It allows parents to be actively involved in their children’s education by giving them instant updates about their children’s learning progress. This way, they get to follow their kids’ learning journey and celebrate their wins. We understand the significance of parents’ presence in their children’s education and our efforts are focused on making this home-school collaboration even better so that the kids get to benefit from them. 

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