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Is online education truly helping our kids?

Although learning by yourself can be a tad bit tougher than normal schooling but online learning also has a ton of benefits. Add a teacher overseeing your kid through virtual classes and some might even say online learning is better than conventional classes. With the pandemic, all classes are happening online and it looks like they might continue for a longer period of time. Classes of all grades are happening through virtual classrooms. Playgroups too now have their nursery online classes that help your kids receive their imperative preschool education.  

To throw a little light on how online classes help our kids, here are a bunch of benefits of online learning; 

It is self-paced

One of the biggest benefits of online education is that it is highly personalized and every kid can pace it according to their speed. With traditional teaching, your kid sits in a class with 40 sometimes 60 students and they’re all expected to follow the same level of teaching but with online teaching, your kid can now relax and study without the pressure of coping up with the rest of the class.  

No boundaries

With an internet connection, there are no geographical boundaries which means you can sit in your house in Mumbai and study a course offered at Harvard. This opens a whole new level of opportunities and knowledge. 


It offers a more flexible schedule for your kid. Traditional schooling is rigid but with online education, your kid can sit in the comfort of their room, on their beds, and study at any time they want. 

Enhanced technological efficiency

Your kid also learns to handle and use various software, researching processes, online assessments, and even collaboration which increases their computer and technological efficiency which helps you kid succeed in life. 


You have more room for customization of your education. You can choose every single class you want to take and just study that. This means your kid isn’t learning any unnecessary subjects that won’t help them in their career. It saves their time, their energy and allows them to put that into a subject that would benefit them. 

More engagement

Online learning with its virtual techniques, images, videos, presentations can be more engaging to your kid and make them more studios or interested in learning new things. 

Advanced learning tools

Nowadays with advanced learning tools you can get real-time progress assessment and feedback on your kid’s performance. And as it is all digital, everything is easier to keep a track of. 

So, if you get all the aspects of traditional education but improved, more convenient and more interactive and engaging, then why would online education not benefit your child?

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