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Little Patriots: Preschool Independence Day Celebration

It is indeed a moment of pride as India enters the 75th year of independence, observed across the nation as Aazadi ka Amrut Mahotsav. Citizens from around the country will be coming together to pay tribute to the great martyrs who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Making children aware of the significance of India’s freedom struggle from an early age is very important. This will ensure that all the young minds are aligned with the values and teachings of our glorious freedom fighters. Apart from that, it will also make them aware of the rich history and diverse cultures that define India. Mindseed has some of the best preschools in Kharghar and Navi Mumbai where Independence Day Celebrations are organized in a unique way. Let’s explore some fun activities that can be conducted by preschools in Navi Mumbai.

Flag Hoisting

Children from a young age must be able to identify the Indian Tricolour Flag and its significance. The Flag Hoisting ceremony is something that will make the little ones understand why it is important to respect the national flag. It will also make them well-versed with the national anthem and other patriotic songs like Vande Mataram. They will subconsciously imbibe the values of patriotism and love for their country by actively participating in the Flag Hoisting activity.

Cultural Programs

Independence Day is the best occasion to showcase the beautiful cultures of India, while children also get an opportunity to present their skills on stage. Mindseed has some of the best Preschools in Kharghar and Navi Mumbai that conduct cultural activities where children dress up in traditional attires, sing folk songs and present different dance forms of India.

Fancy Dress Competition

Independence Day celebrations at a preschool are incomplete without a well-organized Fancy Dress competition. Students can be encouraged to dress up like the great leaders and freedom fighters of India like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh etc. Kindergarten students can also recite a few lines about the freedom fighter. Through this process, they would learn more about the great leaders who fought for the nation. Other students will also become aware of these personalities and their valiant acts that ultimately brought us freedom.

Painting Competition

Young children can also bring out their creative side by participating in a painting competition. The theme of the competition can be based on Independence Day. This will not only help them enhance their creativity but will also bring the fun element to Independence Day Celebrations.

Food Festival

To make children aware of the different varieties of traditional cuisines that are available across the country, many preschools in Kharghar Navi Mumbai also organize Food Festivals. During this festival, the little ones will be asked to get some traditional cuisines cooked from home, after which they will share the same with their classmates. This activity will also instil the values of Sharing and Caring that bind the country together.

National holidays are when children get an opportunity to sink into the patriotic spirit and honour the glorious past of our nation. Through Independence Day Celebrations conducted by the best preschools in Kharghar, they are introduced to a lot of important aspects of our country’s history and culture.

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