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How to apply for preschool/nursery school?

Preschools are a vital foundation for every child’s learning process. And even though this pandemic has made it impossible for your child to attend a preschool, they still don’t have to miss their valuable preschool experience as most of the schools conduct online classes. Online preschool and online classes for kids are the new way forward in this post-pandemic world and it is time for your kid to hop on the train as well.  

Generally, the enrolment process varies with every school though the steps more or less remain the same. The general admission process is as follows:

  • After you have gone through the school’s website and online prospectus, set up a call with their counsellor and get as much information as you can. This information is finding out key elements like the curriculum, Number of classes per week and their quality of teaching.
  • It would be a good idea to check out their physical premises and get an idea on how suited the facility is to your child’s needs, once physical school starts. 
  • A few things to check are the school’s authorization, certification, the faculty, the sanitization, and the food quality. 
  • Post your research, you can easily fill up the application form online for most schools these days. Most schools have different programs based on age criteria. For example, Mindseed has programs ranging from Playgroup, Nursery, KG, and Daycare. The online preschool program called Preschool Comes Home is conducted online and ensures that your child develops a love for learning through fun-interactive sessions that are an integral part of the learning process. You get an option to choose the program in the application form online. 
  • Along with the application, you’ll need to submit some required documents as per the school’s regulations. After you’ve filled the form and uploaded all the required documents, just submit the form. .  
  • The next step is generally paying the registration fees and procuring your child’s admission. You’ll have to pay a non-refundable registration fee (most cases) and then book a seat for your child in that program. 
  • After this, you’ll just have to pay the term fees before the term begins and you’re all done. 

The process is relatively easy and smooth so you don’t have to worry about the admission process at all. The assigned counselors will also guide you through every step of the process.  

Admission Enquiry