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How Mindseed instils a love for math in kids and why is it crucial

Mathematics is a lot more than just a subject- it’s a critical skill that can be applied to almost every aspect of life. Maths is a tool which can be used to describe the world around us. Keeping that in mind, it’s no wonder that experts say kids should be introduced to maths from a very young age. This blog discusses the benefits of maths for children and the role of Mindseed Preschool and Daycare in building a love for maths in kids


The significance of pre maths education for kids 


Pre-maths education for kids refers to the idea of developing basic mathematics understanding and abilities in children which will serve as a precursor to formal mathematics education. Before diving deep into the complex world of numbers and calculations, kids first need to understand these foundational mathematics concepts. Introducing children’s maths in preschool is not just about kickstarting the academic journey of students, maths skills development also gives them an idea of the world around them. The concepts of sorting, sequencing, patterning etc. are so interwoven into daily lives that it will aid kids in understanding the world better. A solid foundation in pre-maths education also means building love for maths in kids, thus enabling them to learn complex mathematics concepts easily. 


Breaking down the structure of the pre-math arc 


At Mindseed Preschool and Daycare, we strongly believe that children can learn about the world around them better by understanding maths. Keeping this in mind, we have categorised our engaging pre-math curriculum into three stages- sorting/matching, sequencing and patterning. Pre-math learning at Mindseed begins with sorting/matching activities where a child will learn to identify, sort and match different colours, shapes and sizes. The idea here is to enable them to identify the similarities and differences between various objects around them. Then comes the sequencing stage, where a child is taught to create sequences using different shapes and colours. Once they develop an idea of different shapes, objects and sizes, and how they are all connected, then it is time to apply these learnings in real-life contexts- and that will be done in the next stage, patterning. Here, kids are encouraged to create their own patterns using various shapes and colours through kindergarten math games.  


Role of early numeracy skills 


An engaging math curriculum will encourage children to employ logic and reasoning to devise solutions for a problem. Teaching numeracy at preschool will aid in enhancing logical reasoning, memory and attention in children. Learning basic mathematical concepts such as counting and reading numbers is crucial as numbers are incorporated into our daily lives in many ways. While most kids already have an idea of the concept of numbers, they are unaware of their symbols, face values, place values and how they are all connected. The numeracy lessons at Mindseed Preschool and Daycare are introduced to solve this problem. 


How does numeracy learning work at Mindseed Preschool and Daycare


At Mindseed Preschool and Daycare, we believe that there is no better means to develop critical thinking than math education for kids. As children navigate through different levels of the numeracy arc, they will learn to count and read, understand their face and place values, and arrange them in ascending and descending order. They will also learn how to perform basic mathematical operations such as addition and subtraction.   


Embracing failures and learning from mistakes


We understand how crucial it is for kids to learn how to deal with failures in a healthy way. When kids make a mistake while playing these fun math games– let’s say, counting the numbers incorrectly in a numbering game for kindergarten– we make sure they use it as an opportunity to learn and improve.


Why should you choose Mindseed Preschool and Daycare? 


Mindseed’s approach to teaching math is influenced by one of our core philosophies that learning should be fun. We have incorporated a variety of activities for preschoolers in our engaging math curriculum to make learning more enjoyable. Through these math fun activities, we ensure that each child has a strong understanding of basic math skills. 


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