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How Mindseed Empowers Moms on Mother’s Day and Every Day

The bond that a mother shares with her child is priceless and there is nothing in this world that compares to the love of a mother. It is this same bond that defines the child’s personality and perspective of the world. Children love to learn by copying their parents and more so their mothers. Although endearing, this challenging aspect assigns moms with a responsibility to make sure that their child learns to copy all that is good. Children will grow to be confident individuals only when they are empowered to think, decide and take responsibility from a young age. 

That being said, along with being a mother, a woman has to play different roles inside and outside her household- that of a partner, an administrator, a leader etc. From taking care of the household chores and getting kids ready for school to focusing on their job or business to coming back home to help their children with their learning activities and get them to sleep- a woman has to keep shifting into different gears throughout the day. Despite all that they do, child development and empowering women are often perceived as at odds with each other. A major reason for this is the belief that greater participation of women in the workforce will come in the way of child development as children get to spend little time with their mothers. This leads to situations where women quit their careers post-motherhood and most of them do it not out of choice. 

But, this doesn’t have to be this way. At Mindseed Preschool and Daycare, we believe that a mother can raise their child to be a confident individual and still find time to focus on themselves. They should never be put in a position where they have to compromise on their life choices because of the burden of responsibilities that come with being a mother. And, for that, all they need is a little help. On the occasion of Mother’s Day 2024, let us share how Mindseed Preschool and Daycare empowers mothers to be active participants in their children’s developmental journey and still focus on personal growth. 

Keeping Parents Informed – The Mindseed Way 

No matter how much parents wish to get involved in their child’s early childhood education journey, they can do nothing without knowing how their child performs at school. We overcame this barrier with the introduction of our Mindseed App. Through the Mindseed app, parents are updated about their child’s learning activities, their progress on foundational skills, the areas where they need to work, etc. Once they get to learn what goes on in the classroom, they will have a better understanding of how to help their child in their growth. 

Being the Teacher of a Teacher 

At Mindseed, we believe that parents are the best educationists in the world. However, sometimes, even they may be uncertain about how to engage their child at home productively . Realising the importance of educating our special educators about this topic, we came up with a number of educational videos on the Mindseed app that explain how to assist children in their learning activities. These ‘Do at home’ videos will come in handy when working with their children at home.

Facilitating Open Communication 

In today’s world, there are different ways to make communication possible with parents. For instance, we can send reminders to them about assignments and other learning activities through the app. We make sure that parents and teachers maintain an open line of communication where they inform each other about the child’s activities both at home and school. With this, they can come up with unique ideas that will best suit the child in their learning and developmental journey. 

While we are considering different Mother’s Day activities to surprise the mothers of our households with, let’s remind ourselves that it’s not just a one-day thing. On this 2024 Mother’s Day, let’s come up with different Mother’s day ideas to celebrate the fact that a woman doesn’t have to lose her individuality after becoming a mother. She is fully capable of pursuing her interests and, at the same time, helping her child in achieving his dreams. 

A woman wears multiple hats and the role of a mother is one of them. Through these initiatives, all Mindseed aims to do is help them smoothly manage the role of a mother so that they can also focus on being better at the remaining hats they wear. Happy Mother’s Day

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