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“Oh, what fun it is to sing and dance and play on a bright sunny day”. It is this song that the little ones were singing as they reveled in the excitement at ‘Funderland’. Mindseed had organized a fun-filled educational event called “Funderland” at select centers in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and Pune on 4th February 2023. The well-planned event was for children between the age group of 2 to 6 years.

Children learn best when they are having fun. At Funderland, children learnt and explored new life skills while immersing themselves in a lot of fun learning activities. Let’s have a look at these activities that not only added to the little one’s learning experience but were also creative and engaging.

Art and craft Free hand painting encouraged children to express themselves through art. Children were given different colour paints, paint brushes, rollers and sponges. White chart papers were stuck on the wall at the child’s height. Children were free to use colours of their choice and paint whatever they wished to.

Shape Art – Different shape cut outs and art sheets were given to children. They were free to stick the shapes to create any design or object they wished to. Both these activities ensured a splash of colour and oodles of creativity.

Fireless cooking – Getting children involved in regular cooking helps inculcate in them a sense of healthy eating habits as well as the importance of teamwork. Here the project was “decorate your own cookies”, sounds fun, doesn’t it? Children were given Marie biscuits and different decoration ingredients such as jam, honey, gems, grapes, pomegranate, choco-chips and colourful sprinklers. The children got to decorate their own cookies and eat it too! That’s yummy!

Games – The “Feed the clown” game was super fun where a child needed to pop a plastic ball inside the joker’s mouth. The joker definitely would have been well fed that day! Another game needed children to stand at a distance and try to ring the biscuit packets and chocolates kept on the floor. That surely needs skilled eye-hand coordination.

Skill stations – There were six dedicated skill stations set up for fine motor development, pattern writing, pre-math, pre-reading, reading and writing activities. Each of these activities were targeted towards development of that particular skill. These activities were engaging and enhanced the skills of each child.

Mom and Me Dance – A room was dedicated where the teacher played music and also showed a few steps. Pompoms, sticks and hoola hoops were some of the props that were kept for the mother and child to use for their dance together.

Mechanic puzzle – Finding your way out of a maze is a game that children and adults enjoy alike. Here, a magnet was used to reach the end of a maze which was interesting and exciting too.

Science Experiments – Science is used in our daily life and what better way to learn these concepts than through interesting games. In the activity “Volcano”, a mountain of mud was filled and a disposable glass was placed in between. Children poured the ingredients kept in the glass to witness an explosive volcanic eruption. Wow, that sounds fascinating, isn’t it?

Balloon Pops – Here children added vinegar in an empty bottle using a funnel and one spoon of baking soda to it. They attached a balloon to the bottle and saw the balloon popping as a result of the chemical reaction between vinegar and baking soda. There was excitement and happiness all over the children’s faces when they saw the end result.

Such an exciting and interesting event was Funderland! Mindseed left no stone unturned in ensuring that children and their parents had a creative, interesting and joyful time at this well curated event.

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